We would love to have you consign with us in our shop! 

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Below you will find answers to our most common questions.  

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Our customers love shopping with us and we want to share that opportunity with you.  Not only do your items get exposure on our floor, but many of them will be featured on our  ONLINE STORE, as well as other avenues we use to sell items from our shop.  Will do our best to get as many eyes on your items as we possibly can.  

More exposure= more sales for you!  

Items we accept:

Please understand, we are EXTREMELY selective with what we sell at our shop.  We are known for this! Our customers know that we hold a very high standard for the items we offer, this is why they choose to shop with us.  If you don't think an item will meet our standards, please don't bring it.  If we don't accept an item, please don't take offense.  We want only the best, so that we can offer the best to our customers.

  • Furniture- Must be in great preowned condition.  Better the condition, the faster it will sell.  Feel free to email us pictures of the items you would like to consign to make sure it is something we will accept.  Need help getting it here?  We may be able to assist.  Just Ask!
  • Home Decor- the more current, the faster it will sell. 
  • Health and Beauty- items must be new or like new
  • Tools
  • Outdoor -(camping gear, yard decor, etc)
  • Sports and Fitness
  • Arts and Crafts (preferably complete sets, or new items)
  • Handbags- gently used and must be authentic and odor free
  • Home Organizational items  (if it helps organize, we want it!)
  • Kitchen items- small appliances, pots & pans (no scratches in teflon), tupperware, baking items. Glassware and large dish sets are not big movers for us.  These will be accepted on a case by case basis. Please no china!
  • Area Rugs- no stains, rips, or odors
  • Flat Screen TVs (with remotes)
  • Travel items (luggage, etc)
  • Jewelry, perfume, sunglasses...
  • ​Collectibles

We will not accept clothing, mattresses, box springs, china, counterfeit items, large appliances, computers or components, car seats, cribs, highchairs, strollers, books (we supply our own)


We offer two ways of consignment. 

  1. Consignment Appointments- If you would like items we are unable to accept returned, you will need an appointment to drop off. Please call to schedule an appointment time or by using the button above.
  2. Drop off Consignment-  You are welcome to drop off items at anytime (during our regular business hours) to consign.  Items are processed in the order in which they are received.  Anything we are unable to accept will be donated to a local charity, they will not be returned.  


When you make an appointment, we will have you fill out our Consignment Contract.​  We will decide which items we think will sell well at our shop and return any items that we don't to you at that time. This process usually takes less than 20 minutes. A detailed item list will be emailed to you as soon as the items are processed. Please allow 5-7 days for this step – possibly more time after season changes. Items are processed in the order in which they are received.


FOTA operates on a 50/50, 4 Calendar month consignment term (2 months for furniture). When items sell, you receive half of their selling price in your account. If an item hasn’t sold within its first 2 calendar months it is reduced by 25% in price. If any item has not sold after 3 calendar months , it will be discounted 50%. This process will ensure that your items get a minimum 3 full months of time to sell. After it runs through our clearance sale , it will need to be picked up by date given at drop off or it will be considered donated.

Calendar month when dropped off + following month -Initial Price
 3rd calendar month - 25% Off Initial Price

4th calendar month - 50% Off Initial Price

You are always welcome to retrieve any unsold items before the 4 month expiration date; however, non-retrieved expired items will be sold or donated at our discretion and not credited to your account. This policy ensures regular turnover, competitive prices and the best shopping and consigning experience for our clients.

It is your responsibility to keep track of your expiration date. Your expiration date will be included on your item list, as well as in the email you receive after your appointment. FOTA is not responsible, and is unable to credit your account for items sold or donated after they have expired.


FOTA may run special sales occasionally on seasonal items (Holiday specific, Fall decor, etc).

We reserve the right to discount prices on these items during these special sales.  Consignor will be paid 50% of the discounted selling price.


You are welcome to stop in, call or email FOTA at any time to inquire about your account balance or request a check. Checks will be held for pickup once requested.  There is no charge to use your balance as store credit at any time. We actually encourage it! :)  Amounts of $15 or less can be used as store credit or will roll over to the next pay period.


FOTA will price items on a case by case basis taking into account type, brand, current market, and condition.

If you have a price in mind for any item, please let us know during your appointment. If you are unhappy with a price you see on your item list, please respond via email or phone right away regarding an adjustment. We are always happy to discuss pricing requests and, in most cases, make adjustments accordingly. 

Our goal is always for our consignors to be as successful as possible so we strive to price items where they are most likely to sell, and to sell before the item is reduced in price.


Shoplifting is an unfortunate and disappointing reality in the retail world. We are careful, trustworthy and equipped with security cameras. Despite our best efforts, THEFT STILL OCCURS. Additionally, items may be damaged when customers handle them. We are not liable for fire, theft or unpredicted damage. All merchandise is left at your own risk. By signing our contract and leaving your items in our possession, you are agreeing that FOTA will not credit you or your account for missing or accidentally damaged items.